About Us

Mena Trauma Healing Center is a Christ-centered, non-profit organization, with a mission to equip churches and ministry organizations across 24 countries in the greater Middle East region, providing their local communities with Bible-based trauma care.

This trauma healing strategic initiative is a response to the current multifaceted suffering in the Middle East (refugee crisis, domestic abuse, religious persecution, etc.)
Trauma is the individual’s reaction to a real experiential or vicarious event, where the individual feels helpless and overwhelmed by fear and terror. Trauma is a highly personal syndrome that cannot be judged based on the event alone, be it a rape, an accident, or the loss of a loved one.


Our Mission

Mena Trauma Healing Center’s mission is to train providers in Bible-based emotional healing techniques to help restore broken people and communities across the MENA region, by introducing individuals to the love of Christ, who is the One and only Healer.

Our Vision

We strive to be the go-to emotional healing and counseling resource in the MENA region, providing outstanding trauma healing solutions, through a local network of professional and well-trained experts. This will be carried out primarily through local Churches and ministry partners. In doing so, we will contribute to the Last Mile by training Church leaders to provide emotional support to new believers, during their discipleship journey.


Our Values



It is one of the pillars on which Mena Trauma Healing Center is built. It drives our actions, the way we spend the funds that were provided to us, and the way we relate to the individuals who were entrusted to us, both staff and trauma-care beneficiaries.


We are fully committed to do exactly what we set out to do and to carry out the mission, as stated. This means that we will provide the best possible care to our beneficiaries, that our practice will be faithful to the Scriptures, and that we will be financially transparent and accountable to our resource partners and supporters.


We view the information that is shared with us by the trauma victims under our care as completely sacred. Trauma survivors need to express their grief and all sorts of emotions in an environment of total safety. This is especially important in an honor-shame society, where gossip is rampant.

All these efforts are only possible with the financial support and prayers of committed Christians, like you.